2021: Australian National Teaching Award winners panel exploring online assessment

Leanne Shibata (Participant)

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Chair: Prof Angela Carbone (Director of AAUT Awards and Associate DVC (L & T), STEM College, RMIT University, Australia) , Twitter: @ProfAngeCarbone Note: the date was changed from 2 June to 9 June! This session features a panel of all four individual Australian University Teaching Excellence Award winners 2020 (announced 24 Feb 2021) speaking about their research and teaching practices in online learning and assessment. AAUT awards banner The AAUT awards issued three "Award for teaching excellence" and one "Australian University teacher of the year" for 2020. The panellists are: A/Prof Jack Wang (University of Queensland): Australian University teacher of the year. Speaking about "Citizen scientists for the digital age: assessing science communication skills through online multimedia". Jack is an academic in Microbiology at UQ. Twitter: @JackTHWang Dr Amanda White (University of technology Sydney): Award for teaching excellence. Speaking about "Agency in student assessment: What happens when you give students choice in online assessment". Amanda is an academic in accounting and auditing at UTS. Twitter: @AmandasAudit A/Prof Matt Bower (Macquarie University): Award for teaching excellence. Speaking about "Reflections on Emergency Remote Invigilation in Response to COVID-19". Matt is an academic in Education at Macquarie. Twitter: @mattgbower A/Prof Michael Cowling (Central Queensland University): Award for teaching excellence. Speaking about "Synchronous Online Experiences: How will the digital age change the teaching and assessment experience". Michael is an academic in ICT at CQU. Twitter: @macowling To register for this session please login (or create an account) then click the 'register now' button. Sessions are hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, DVC Academic, University of Canberra and Dr Mathew Hillier, Macquarie University, Australia. Please note all sessions are recorded and made public after the event. Time is displayed below is in *universal coordinated time* -> See your local time. When: 9 June 2021 07:00 AM through 08:00 AM. ________________________ Registered: 06/05/2021.
Period9 Jun 2021
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