Acupuncture for supporting Cancer patients—current evidences and clinical application by Dr. Byeongsang Oh

Ying Hua (Participant)

Activity: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTExternal Webinar/Workshop attendanceProfessional Development


Due to the global cancer burden continuous increased, with 47% rise from 2020, various cancer related clinical suffering, especial with over dosed associated pain killers and anxiety pills have brought attention for complementary therapists. With non-drug interaction benefit, the research for applying acupuncture treatment for managing cancer related suffering has become Dr. Byeongsang Oh’s interesting. In today’s conference presentation, he has displayed various research data and papers around the world to prove the effective used of acupuncture in the clinics or hospital of USA, China, Australia, Sth Korea, England, Germany, Israel, Sweden etc, for manage mainly sleep disorder, anxiety & depression, pain or joints stiffness, chemotherapy induced nausea, vomiting & peripheral neuropathy, hot flushes in women with breast cancer, fatigue, radiation-induced xerostomia, dyspnoea in Lung cancer patients, and cognition etc. He has also tried to interpret the effects of acupuncture for managing the pain conditions in modern form instead of invigorate the Qi & Blood circulation or adjust Yin-Yang, that is acupuncture could be linked with stimulating ending of sensory nerve or influence interneuron pathways, through spinal cord, cutanco-viseral reflex, brain stem & cortex to adjust central nerve system to pain control. He is looking forward to see acupuncture to be used in the hospital around world one day.
Period28 May 2021
Held atAustralian Acupunture and Chinese Medicine Association, Australia
Degree of RecognitionInternational