Mental Health Law (Ausmed) 44 mins

Lap-San Howitt (Participant)

Activity: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTExternal Webinar/Workshop attendanceProfessional Development


This online learning provided me with new knowledge and reinforced existing knowledge. It was directly relevant to my scope as a registered nurse in the area of mental health and law. I undertook this activity because I consider this area high risk and a lot can be be done to improve safety and avoid deaths caused by suicide. I am likely to make changes to my practice. For example, handover and discharge practice should be improved significantly with adequate time and thorough information and immediate follow up from all medical allied health team with accurate documentation. Other things I might do include handover at bedside, including patients and their family. It is not always appropriate for mental health patients, but viewing the general condition and discuss in the office afterwards could have gained extra insight. What I learnt can be useful for my own practice and in educating others, but time restrictions for handover may present a challenge. This can however be solved by liaising with management and continue to advocate for the aged care/mental health sector re resources needs.
Period4 Apr 2021