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  • Leanne Shibata (Participant)

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Dear Colleagues,

The mid-year review period officially launches today and closes Friday 30 July.

As you know, SuccessFactors has been discontinued and we’re currently working on the transition to Workday as our new performance management tool. As a consequence, the mid-year reviews will be held offline as structured conversations between you and your manager. Feedback from your manager will be provided during this conversation, and then captured using Microsoft Forms (which your manager will complete on your behalf).

The mid-year reviews are a critical part of the performance and development planning cycle. It is an opportunity for you and your manager to align on priorities and engage in constructive conversations about performance thus far and the support you need going forward.

Please ensure you have a meeting booked in with your manager and that this conversation is completed by the beginning of August.

We ask all staff to focus on:

Building alignment on objectives and development opportunities with your manager (are they still relevant, are they clear, do I understand what the outcomes expected are, and are they measurable)
Reviewing progress towards achieving performance and development objectives by way of the PDF file they have downloaded from SHRPS earlier in the year, or alternatively using this Word Document.
Learning opportunities for the mid-year review

Starting tomorrow there are 3 x 30-minute learning sessions about mid-year reviews. Even if you have done a mid-year review before we recommend joining these sessions (access with this zoom link).

Session times are:
Thursday, 15 July at 12.30pm (AEST)
Monday, 19 July at 12.30pm (AEST)
Wednesday, 21 July at 12.30pm (AEST)
We have a number of resources also available on the Performance and Development SharePoint page to answer common questions and guide you through the mid-year review process.

For support in completing your mid-year review, please contact ld@torrens.edu.au

Kind regards,

Hugo Contente
Vice President People & Talent
Period19 Jul 2021
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