Professional learning T1_2021: Academic Misconduct / Academic Integrity

Ying Hua (Participant)

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The session has started by Ms. Kris Nicholls, one of AIO, she has spoked for the importance to keep good work on AI in Torrents University. Then Simon has introduced three staffs whom are going to share cases regarding to the AI issues and discussed them in group.

The first case has been introduced by Ms. Caroline, the procedure on how to report the academic misconduct with example. There are three steps that we could check, the 1st is “type of AI breach” like contact cheating, followed by “AI breach indicator” for contract cheating with unusual or suspicious formatting, page and /or student information, and “any additional information” like too perfect + safeAssign 40%; or 0% safeAssign with highly academic and technical in audio, 8 minutes in editing, different edit name for author, various journals without URLs for references or even on in-text references or page numbers etc. Once the question of possible AI breach has been raised, the investigation will be followed as 1—24—9—1, that is one suspicious report with associated 24 detailed evidences or possible breach points, through 9 stages and lead to final decision. The initial observation or investigation from each lecture is very important.

Secondly, Ms. Jacqui Casey has shared examples from Design faculty in terms of AI. There are many videos or images related breach within the assignments and teaching materials in regarding the missed proper references or suitable rephrasing statements. Which could be very challenge to change completely due to various reasons, but one of them is images or vocal disruption if added in references for the final products by market point of view. This discussion has also raised issues for staffs, who should also be presented as a good example to utilize right references in their teaching material in the classes or online.

Finally, Ms. Donna Haylock talked about AI appeals, which could be done through interview to the students according to AI policy and conducted by AI officers to determine the most likely outcome to the “breach”.
It is a good review or introduction for the staffs regarding to AI and its related issues or procedure at Torrents University. Also, it seems a quite standard procedure for both parties, but to determine if the person has misconducted or not for AI, could be not easy job based on special circumstances sometimes.
Period31 Mar 2021
Held atHealth
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