Understanding Depression

Ying Hua (Participant)

Activity: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTShort CoursesProfessional Development


The course “Understanding the Depression” has introduced many cases from day to day lived people who experienced depression. It has reviewed what the depression has been manifested in different people, and any minor or major changes before and during the suffering. Multiple factors could contribute to the depression, the course has emphasized specifically on reasonable social interaction or community support are essential to prevent the depression. Although the outside daily help to depressed people and necessary professional guidance or treatment to clinical depressed suffers are important, self-awareness & education are also important elements to assist relieving the depression condition. Other factors could also be well looked after, healthy living with proper diet, regular physical activities and social interaction, an employment to maintain financial independence, within a good and stable relationship, as well as able to manage ongoing chronical medical conditions etc. The depression could be presented as a short-term lower mood, progressed to uncontrollable low spirit or lack of motivation in life, until unable to manage simple daily activities or even suicidal. Early-stage intervention or asking for help is the way to prevent clinical illness or family and social imbalance.
Period26 Oct 2020Nov 2020
Held atHealth
Degree of RecognitionNational