An Australian Rental Housing Conditions Data Infrastructure (Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities, 2019-23)

  • Baker, Emma (PI)
  • Beer, Andrew (CoI)
  • Baddeley, Michelle (CoI)
  • London, Kerry (CoPI)
  • Bentley, Rebecca (CoI)
  • Stone, Wendy (CoI)
  • Rowley, Steven (CoI)
  • Daniel, Lyrian (CoI)
  • Nygaard, Christian (CoI)
  • Hulse, Kathleen (CoI)
  • Lockwood, Anthony (CoI)

Project Details


This project aims to provide researchers and policy stakeholders with essential data infrastructure on Australia’s rental housing conditions. The rental sector is home to almost one third of all Australians, however we have no large-scale data infrastructure to monitor and understand it. This project will provide essential data infrastructure and make it publicly available. The project will support Australian research and policy to be underpinned by robust data and evidence in the future, enabling policy to better address the nation’s economic, social, and urban goals.

Funding AUD 372,210
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/23


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