Co-Design Academic Integrity Model for Students in Health Vertical

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The Co-AIM project aims to develop and implement an evidence-based, co-design academic integrity model (Co-AIM) to reduce and prevent academic misconducts in the Health Vertical by increasing awareness and understanding in academic integrity (AI) among students and staff. The Co-AIM is an interactive approach to academic integrity by integrating a series of in-class workshop into subject lectures simultaneously throughout a trimester.
The project will deploy mixed methods design incorporating a participatory research action and a multicentre- pragmatic randomised controlled trail (Appendix I and Appendix II)
The Co-AIM will be developed by involving students and staff. The effectiveness of the model will be evaluated before translating research evidence into practice. Throughout the project, collaboration within vertical and between departments/sections will be developed and strengthened. The Co-AIM project will establish the evidence-based practice for AI in Health Vertical and also offer a set of recommendations on AI practices that could be modified for other Verticals across TUA.
Short titleCo-AIM Project
Effective start/end date24/04/2130/04/22


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