Constructing Building Integrity: Raising standards through professionalism

  • Sampford, Charles (PI)
  • Hampson, Keith (CoPI)
  • Stewart, Rodney (CoPI)
  • Reid, Sacha (CoPI)
  • Desha, Cheryl (CoPI)
  • Burton, Paul (CoPI)
  • Easthope, Hazel (CoPI)
  • Ostwald, Michael (CoPI)
  • Phillimore, John (CoPI)
  • London, Kerry (CoPI)
  • Shaw, Roxane (CoI)
  • Yazdani, Nabil (CoI)
  • Lumsden, Andrew (CoPI)

Project Details


This project aims to investigate the role of professions in rebuilding trust in residential building construction in Australia. In the wake of expensive and life-threatening building defects, this project expects to generate new knowledge about the functioning of individual professionals, professionals employed in multi-profession organisations, and professionals interaction with their institutional environment. Expected outcomes include practical recommendations for improved professional standards, a rigorous building integrity system and a means for measuring change. Anticipated benefits include greater awareness by professions, trades and regulators of their role in in delivering the public goods of a trustworthy construction industry.

Funding AUD 540,750
Effective start/end date1/05/2130/04/24


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