Guidance of Heart Failure Management Programs by Risk Assessment

  • Marwick, Thomas H. (PI)
  • Venn, Alison (CoI)
  • Palmer, Andrew (CoI)
  • Blizzard, Christopher (CoI)
  • Sanderson, Kristy (CoI)
  • Stewart, Simon (CoI)

Project Details


After admission with acute heart failure (HF), readmissions to hospital are frequent. This Partnership project aims to reduce HF readmissions by using data linkage to target community services, developing a HF readmission prediction score, and applying this to a novel, variable intensity HF management program, so resources are directed towards the highest risk patients. The study will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of this approach and provide educate community-based providers on the process.

Funded AUD 991,654.13
Effective start/end date1/09/1331/08/19


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