Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP130100045 [ 2013 - 2016]

  • Beilby, Justin (PI)
  • Beer, Andrew (PI)
  • Faulkner, Deborah (CoI)
  • Karnon, Jonathan (CoI)
  • Fiebig, Jeffrey (CoI)
  • Openshaw, Lynn (CoI)
  • Root, Josephine (CoI)
  • Custance, Graham (CoI)
  • Barelds, Albert (CoI)

Project Details


There are over one million Australians in receipt of government funded aged care in Australia. This number is projected to increase considerably by 2050. In 2013 the government will be introducing a 'new' model of care - consumer directed care - a fundamental change in public assistance for older persons. This research examines the preferences of older people with respect to consumer directed care, the factors potentially influencing older people's preferences and involvement in consumer directed care and how these attitudes affect the policies and practices of aged care providers. This research will provide the evidence for strategically informed decisions that will deliver the best possible outcomes for older Australians.

Funding AUD 281,952
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/16


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