Performance and safety testing of the BioQ cardiac assist system in a chronic ovine heart failure animal model

  • McLachlan, Craig (PI)
  • Blitz, Arie (CoI)
  • Walsh, Peter W. (CoI)
  • Gillies, Ronald (CoI)

Project Details


This proposal will test a novel cardiac assist system in safety and performance studies using a chronic sheep heart failure model. This device has been tested in cardiovascular simulators and in an acute animal model showing attractive proof-of-concept data. Specifically, the device increased left coronary artery blood flow and reduced aortic pulse and mean pressures using our novel self-powered fully implantable stand alone device, a potential therapy treatment for heart failure.

Funded AUD AUD 142,800.00
Short titlePreclinical animal study using the BioQ cardic assist device
Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/09


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