Registration for Naturopaths and Herbalists Funding initiative

  • Smith, Catherine (PI)

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The Australian Naturopathic Council fund raising project for Naturopathic Registration

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The Australian Naturopathic Council and Marcus Blackmore are partnering with the naturopathic community for a 'dollar-for-dollar' matched funding campaign to raise up to $20 000 to support registration of naturopaths and Western herbalists in Australia.

Naturopathy is a system of traditional medicine that innovates and integrates within contemporary health care around the world. Yet our ability to reach our fullest potential within the Australian healthcare system has been limited, in part, by the absence of any protection of the naturopathic title. For this we need to be included in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS).

Naturopaths in Australia dedicate years to their training, and provide amazing care to the community. Statutory registration is needed to protect their investment of passion, time and money by ensuring that the title 'naturopath' is only used by practitioners who are qualified to do so. Registration protects your practice and your profession for the long term.

Like most naturopaths in Australia, the Australian Naturopathic Council - representing the Australian member organisations of the World Naturopathic Federation - are committed to seeing naturopaths included in the NRAS. And we are not alone.

Marcus Blackmore has been committed to the Australian naturopathic profession for his entire life and is determined to support us in achieving this goal. He has offered to match each dollar the profession raises, up to $20 000, to help us achieve statutory registration.
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