Spoken communication and interaction in peer to peer hosting (Airbnb)

Project Details


Critically analysing the behaviour of those who host accommodation in peer-to-peer networks provides alternative ways of understanding hospitality and tourism experiences. This project analyses how Airbnb hosts in Australia talk and interact with guests and the contextual constructs which shape this behaviour. We have applied a theoretical framework of service language (Scerri, Jenkins, & Lovell, 2017) to analyse highly reviewed hosts’ behaviour using a multiple case study methodology. This project sits within the Centre for Organisational Change and Agility at Torrens University Australia.

Key findings

Our analysis suggests peer-to-peer exchanges are influenced by the nature of accommodation as a commercial home. Interaction varies through pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy and departure, and includes functional and non-functional conversation. Our findings contribute to peer-to-peer research regarding hosting behaviours and service interactions in commercial homes, and guide a design of hospitality-centric experiences in a changing accommodation environment.
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  • Airbnb
  • Spoken communication
  • Service language
  • Peer to peer hosting
  • Sharing economy