The REsilience to Seasonal ILlness and Increased Emergency admissioNs CarE (RESILIENCE) Study

  • Burrell, Louise M. (PI)
  • Stewart, Simon (PI)
  • Patel (CoI)
  • Kwong (CoI)
  • Yates, Rachel (PI)
  • Ramchand, Jay (PI)
  • Byrnes, Joshua (PI)

Project Details


Despite our best efforts, including hospital avoidance programs, the problem of peaks in hospital admissions during winter and heatwaves is worsening as more Australians become chronically ill. In a world-first study involving 300 patients with heart disease and other chronic illnesses at high risk of repeated admissions to hospital 'seasonal frequent flyers', we will trial a unique intervention that builds their 'resilience' to changes in the weather and, therefore, keep them out of hospital.
Effective start/end date1/06/1930/11/22