The role of lecturer facilitated online sessions: A model to improve online student engagement in synchronous flipped learning in Health Science courses

  • Rajasekaran, Dhivya (PI)
  • Ross, Cheryl (PI)

Project Details


Flipped learning models are effective in improving student learning experiences. In a typical flipped learning model, students engage with online content prior to attending an interactive face to face workshop facilitated by a lecturer/ facilitator. However, despite evidence that synchronous activities are important for student success, online students’ attitudes towards learning and the expectation of flexibility lead to students opting for asynchronous learning rather than synchronous activities. Coupled with typically high attrition rates in online courses, there is a need for a learning model to improve student engagement in synchronous online learning environments. This research study aims to use human-centered design thinking processes to develop a learning model that improves online student engagement in synchronous flipped environment. Factors that prevent students from engaging in online synchronous sessions and key elements of a beneficial flipped learning experience as identified by students will be determined through surveys and student focus group interviews. Learning management system (LMS) data analytics will be used to collect engagement data, collection and collation of attendance and performance. Academic leaders and facilitators/ lecturers will be invited to participate in the design-thinking stages – empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test – leading to the development of a functional model that improves student engagement in online synchronous sessions. The impact of the model will be tested by students and facilitators/lecturers in multiple study periods and engagement data obtained through LMS data analytics and surveys used to measure the impact of the model. This research study will be conducted in the first year Health Science courses and has the potential to be replicated by other educational institutions within Laureate to improve online student engagement and retention.
Short titleOnline student engagement model
Effective start/end date16/09/1917/09/21