AJHNM mentor program: opportunities for mutual learning, expansion of networks and other benefits

Susan Arentz, Joanna Harnett, Ian Breakspear, Robert Provino, Dawn Whitten, Monique Evans

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Have you ever enthusiastically dispensed the latest supplements recommended at an industry sponsored health conference, only to find the results were not quite as stunning as claimed? We’ve all been there. Our naturopathic medicines are arguably the most marketed in the world, glossy and over-sold by anybody and everyone. It’s not easy to find real clinical pearls, the reliable remedies with predictable effectiveness, nearly every time. How do you find them?
Referring to published research is one of the most tried and tested, reliable approaches. Used in all types of evidence-based practice, research published in scientific journals is the bedrock of clinical practice guidelines. Articles written by practitioners are valuable as they report relevant clinical insights. However, writing academically can be a challenge, as the emphasis is on objectivity and transparency rather than ‘yes! It is effective.’ The MACA (mentor and author in exchange for co- authorship) provides support for authors to develop their manuscript and clarify messages in an emotionally-safe, professional interaction before peer review and publication. Clinicians published articles inform the profession and can elevate standing when authors apply for scholarship and enrolment in higher degrees.
This workshop will describe the mentorship program of the AJHNM. Attendees will be invited to share the barriers to publishing their own clinical pearls of wisdom.
Practical solutions may support connections between naturopaths who would like to publish articles in scientific journals and MACA mentors.
Increased publication of naturopathic research, substantiation of the evidence-base and support of evidence-based naturopathic practice.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 27 May 2023
EventNHAA Naturopathic Symposium - Melbourne, Australia
Duration: 27 May 202328 May 2023


ConferenceNHAA Naturopathic Symposium


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