Hospitality through the screen – Investigating online teaching experiences of hospitality educators

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Global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic have created an accelerated need for the education sector to accept, adopt and adapt to online teaching. This has largely affected the delivery and effectiveness of hospitality courses which traditionally rely on a face-to-face pedagogy to impart a hospitable service mindset to students. While research has investigated the experience and perceptions of students studying hospitality online, little attention has been given to those of educators who are tasked to instill the hospitable service mindset through their delivery. This study seeks to explore the experience and perceptions of hospitality educators teaching through the screen, the challenges faced, and teaching methods used to develop a hospitable service mindset crucial to a high-touch profession. Using in-depth semi-structured interviews, this inductive exploratory study aims to assist higher education providers and educators with designing and delivering effective online hospitality courses, respectively. The findings will support the development of hospitality graduates that are better attuned to the concepts of hospitality and hospitableness manifested through their service mindset and delivery.
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 2021
EventCAUTHE2021: Transformations in uncertain times - on line
Duration: 5 Feb 202112 Feb 2021


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