Short-term outcomes after hospital discharge in patients admitted with heart failure in Abeokuta, Nigeria: Data from the Abeokuta Heart Failure Registry

Okechukwu S. Ogah, Simon Stewart, Ayodele O. Falase, Joshua O. Akinyemi, Gail D. Adegbite, Albert A. Alabi, Amina Durodola, Akinlolu A. Ajani, Karen Sliwa

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Background: Compared to other regions of the world, there is a paucity of data on the short-term outcome of acute heart failure (AHF) in Africa's most populous country, Nigeria. We examined the six-month outcomes (including case fatalities) in 285 of 309 AHF subjects admitted with HF to a tertiary hospital in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Methods: The study cohort of 285 subjects comprised 150 men (52.6%) and 135 women (47.4%) with a mean age of 56.3 ± 15.6 years and the majority in NYHA class 111 (75%). Results: There were a number of differences according to the subject's gender; men being older and more likely to present with hypertensive heart disease (with greater left ventricular mass) while also having greater systolic dysfunction. Mean length of stay was 10.5 ± 5.9 days. Mean follow up was 205 days, with 23 deaths and 20 lost to follow up. At 30 days, 4.2% (95% Cl: 2.4-7.3%) had died and by 180 days this had increased to 7.5% (95% Cl: 4.7-11.2%); with those subjects with pericardial disease demonstrating the highest initial mortality rate. Over the same period, 13.9% of the cohort was re-admitted at least once. Conclusions: The characteristics of this AHF cohort in Nigeria were different from those reported in high-income countries. Cases were relatively younger and presented with non-ischaemic aetiological risk factors for HF, especially hypertensive heart disease. Moreover, mortality and re-admission rates were relatively lower, suggesting region-specific strategies are required to improve health outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)217-223
Number of pages7
JournalCardiovascular Journal of Africa
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2014
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  • Abeokuta
  • Heart failure
  • Mortality
  • Nigeria
  • Outcome

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