Stock market prediction using Altruistic Dragonfly Algorithm

Bitanu Chatterjee, Sayan Acharya, Trinav Bhattacharyya, Seyedali Mirjalili, Ram Sarkar

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Stock market prediction is the process of determining the value of a company's shares and other financial assets in the future. This paper proposes a new model where Altruistic Dragonfly Algorithm (ADA) is combined with Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) for stock market prediction. ADA is a meta-heuristic algorithm which optimizes the parameters of LS-SVM to avoid local minima and overfitting, resulting in better prediction performance. Experiments have been performed on 12 datasets and the obtained results are compared with other popular meta-heuristic algorithms. The results show that the proposed model provides a better predictive ability and demonstrate the effectiveness of ADA in optimizing the parameters of LS-SVM.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0282002
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number4 APRIL
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2023


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