The effect of Yb addition in Bi2Sr2Ca 1-xYbxCu2Oy partial melted thick films

A. Y. Ilyushechkin, T. Yamashita, L. Boskovic, I. D.R. Mackinnon

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To study the phase relations in the Bi-2212 and Yb2O3 system, Bi2Sr2Ca1-xYbxCu 2Oy thick films are prepared by partial melt processing via an intermediate reaction between Bi-2212 and Yb2O3. When Bi-2212 and Yb2O3 are partially melted and then slowly cooled, solid solutions of Bi2Sr2Ca 1-xYbxCu2Oy, form by reactions between liquid and solid phases which contain Yb. Following these reactions, Ca is partially replaced in Bi-2212 matrix and participates in the formation of secondary phases, such as Bi-free, (Ca, Sr)Ox and CaO. Variation of the Bi-2212-Yb2O3 ratios and processing parameters changes the balance between the phases and leads to different Yb:Ca ratios in the Bi-2212 matrix of processed thick films. When the partial melting process is optimized for each sample to minimize the growth of secondary phases, x = 0.42-0.46 for the samples prepared at pO2 = 0.01 atm, x = 0.24-0.29 for the samples prepared at pO2 = 0.21 atm, x = 0.18-0.23 for the samples prepared at pO2 = 0.99 atm are obtained regardless to the starting compositions. It is found that superconducting properties of Bi 2Sr2Ca1-xYbxCu2O y thick films strongly depend on the processing conditions, because the conditions result in different Yb content in the Bi-2212 matrix and the volume fraction of the secondary phases. The highest Tc(0) of 77, 90 and 91 K were obtained for the samples processed at 0.01, 0.21 and 0.99 atm of O2, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1201-1208
Number of pages8
JournalSuperconductor Science and Technology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2004


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