Various projects which can not be listed elsewhere on the PURE page

Nina Starkey

Research output: Other contribution


Morocco Design trip -September 2019 (36 students from across Australia)
Planning and organisation specific design destinations for all streams while on site
Setting up blog and Podcast/ research/ Instagram for this upcoming trip
Planning #projectsoar WIL project while in Morocco in collaboration with Peackock pavilions
UAP internship- site visit and liaison with HR to engage students as interns. Collaboration with UAP for the laneway project (SONA/AIA)- 70 Merivale street, South Brisbane, Australia.

Beavan Slattery -Capital B project- engaging 8 students to design office building for "new starters/up skillers" in careers- Church Street, Fortitude valley. Entails office spatial planning/FFE and liaison with cabinet makers

Industry breakfast on campus-Katarina Miranda from Thomson Adsett attending campus (Lead interior Design) along with 9 other industry persons

Interns/live projects:
Thompson Adsett Robina -fit out and bump in of vertical retirement living and FFE projects at Thompson and Adsett (two students interning)- one student have now gained employment
retail Designers- ensuring 5 students currently work for them, three have gained fultime employment at the time of writing this

Laneway project - organised collaboration with Comm (Matt Epple) and Interiors to create spatial planning and design mobile modular furniture and lighting for laneway for architects and designers to use- laneway has prominent location next to the AIA, opposite grand stairs of the Convention centre.

SONA - new collaboration- and opening of membership to all of our students across Australia. Organised Stand at the Orientation week.

I post weekly Job ads/updates/info about events/memberships/schedule for Brisbane campus on the closed FB groups

Student mentoring- daily on campus and virtually

FIKA- organised monthly coffee for all interior students which I pay for and cakes/sweets for the purpose of mingling with each other on campus with a hope that newbies and elderly students engage better.

Materials - resource room- update and clean up.

UNHCR competition- entering students June 2019

Corian competition - entering 303 A students into comp

SONA portfolio critique for architects - attending and guiding architect students with Michele

Orientation week workshops- organised and promoted these.
T1 workshops

Brisbane city council- meetings with Guido Zundel (lead architect) and Joyce Martin to plan - interns and industry critiques on campus. Attended with Michele.

PDT Architects Critique in collaboration with Stockland - retirement village clubhouse- working with Doug Lawson (project management, mixed used communities and retirement living)

Stockland- Townsville retail live brief - working with Tim Bloom
Kim Milton project

QIC workshops, John Grinham (Lead retail design manager)- collaboration May 31 workshop and live brief T2 of Logan Hyperdome retail space.

Research - live briefs- second research paper to be completed after laneway project is completed in collab with Michele and Philip.

Caroma- disable designs- specific workshops organised for 303A and retirement clubhouse design.

USA 2020 trip- in the planning with Michele

Industry excursion polytech/ snb/ design centre T1- much appreciated by students

W hotel project with Karen- collaborations with Brave Agencies. (Chris Sayers)- Mental Health and Creativeness.

Newspaper write ups the Design Firm (Credo was not able to get write ups so I assisted in the background)

GOTYA nominations- enrollments- and nominations with Michele.

Student mapping- across Diploma and Degree - all students have now been mapped- done in collab with Michele and Aralia.

Manager Enters Performance Planning Comments
Employee Enters Mid-Year Comments
QIC workshop-involving various universities and our students- focus on manual drafting and retail design
Andreu Word competition submissions
Beavan Slattery working with students to implement designs at 16 Church street, Fortitude Valley- commercial office space with gym and break out zones e 400 sqm. Budget $500,000

Stockland- Retirement Village.

Nepal Project NGO has been completed - photos sent to Scott.

Internship with Graypuksand - Belinda Zivkovic to get an internship in September.

GOTYA awards- overseeing submissions and application process-4 students submitted work- attending Schiavello office for announcement in August

Awards night Polytech

Eussen Living- Dominique Schafe to enter competition.

USA trip now to be run by possible Emma Fenton so we were asked not to do it. Michele, Jennifer and I looking at taking corss stream design students to Abu Dahbi/Dubia- May 2020

India student /lecturer trip -Colombo Grant allowing 20 students to partake in this trip in February 2020- (10 days) Michele and I co -wrote Grant Application with Vanessa Calvaresi and organised invitations to Amity University and Pearl Academy. Expressed interest in attending this trip with Michele Wake and Jennifer Theis. Grant awarded fro 20 students each obtaining a $5000 grant from the Australian government.

Laneway project- selection by architects coming days- will commence build in T3. Bunnings and Mens Shed to partake

Attended to staff /student issues where councellor was involved.

Morocco Brief - submitted to mark and Jock for approval

Organising visits to suppliers for Morocco trip- zoom meetings with students re Morocco trip.

Orientation T2/T2- attended and organised materials for students
Open day T2- attending and setting up

Grad ex- attended all meetings in relation to this
Leadership meeting on Brisbane Campus re student retention and organising upcoming student campus events.

Continue to assist Aralia with onboarding- onboarding new staff member - Sue Chen
Obtaining a law degree
Writing a book about doors.
Enrolling into REVIT course and International law.

Regular assistance with students on FB (not only Brisbane but nationally)
Assisting with subject selections nationally (when I get contacted online)
Hassell Architects- Optimal designs for a university from a student perspective.
Original languageEnglish
TypeJune 2019-November 2019
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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